“Two things only the people desire; bread and the circus games.”

This famous saying summarizes the value of good bread in a person’s life. The British traditions have long withstanding evidence of a bread’s importance in their diet. It forms a major staple of the United Kingdom’s production. Daily, 11 million loaves of bread are sold to the approximate of 99.8% British population. If you’re consuming an average of 60.3 loaves per year, it is important to check the quality of your bread that enters your body.

In recent years, it was said that the bread industry took a toll for bad when the news said that the consumption rate of white bread had significantly decreased. But, the consumption of carbs runs in the blood of a British man. Our psyche is so well wired for the consumption of carbs in our meals, that no matter what the news says, Brits will always love the good bread. The carbs in the slices of bread are actually good for our bodies. They stimulate the release of a neurotransmitter named serotonin which improves the quality of your mood and makes you feel happier.

Consuming 4 slices of bread of medium size would nourish your body with the required 30% amount of calcium content. Just as the color signifies, white bread is enriched with calcium that controls blood pressure and reduces the risk of cancer. If you’re having a couple of wholemeal bread for breakfast, your body will be receiving the additional dosage of fibers along with the benefit of taste. This fiber content will control your cholesterol levels and maintain the blood pressure levels in your body. Apart from that, the fiber in the bread will improve the functioning of your digestive system. This being said, it’s time to order some fresh bread, isn’t it?

The energy content in a slice of white bread is as low as 77 calories. This amount is even lower in the slices of brown bread and slightly higher in a slice of wholemeal bread. So, the next time you look down at your belly before eating a piece of bread, don’t. This low-fat content in bread does not stop it from being a good source of protein. Out of the very few low-fat alternatives for a protein-rich diet, bread has the desired content for a healthy body. This means that including a couple of bread slices in your post-workout meal will nourish your body with the proteins required to repair the wear and tear of the muscle tissues. Click here to know more about Benefits of Brown Bread.

If one of your relatives or friends is suffering from anemia, a condition of iron deficiency, ask them to have some slices of white bread along with their medicines. The iron content in white bread helps improve focus and concentration, allowing your body and brain to work productively in less time. It also promotes a smooth flow of blood throughout your body which strengthens your immunity.

The next time you sit with a slice of bread and worry about its sugar content, you must know that a slice of white bread contains 0.28 teaspoons of sugar. This is a bare minimum amount that is required for your body. Excluding the other factors, bread is a good source of vitamin B1 and B3. These improve the cell metabolism in your body and enhance the functions of your brain. If you get tired frequently, these vitamins will boost a wave of energy in your body and keep you fresh throughout the day.Wholesale Breads Suppliers London

In a group of studies, the World Health Organization inferred that regular consumption of bread can prevent the attack of lethal diseases like cancer in your body. The wholegrain bread increases immunity in a human body and prepares them well to combat a wide range of diseases like heart problems and diabetes.

Once you bring Kings mill bread in your house, the only worry that would bother your mind would be the choice of side to butter on. Needless to say, the powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients, Kingsmill bread, comes with a bundle of choices for the bread lovers. Loved by kids and adults equally for decades, Kingsmill bakery produces a wide variant of delicious fresh bread. If you’re a homemaker looking for a bread supplier in London to restock your bread in the kitchen, or you are a hotel manager requiring a wholesale bread supplier, look no further.

Wholesale Bread Supplier in Croydon at Ever Fresh Dairy has partnered with companies that share its ideology of delivering fresh products to British households. Kingsmill and Hovis are the constantly loved brands by our people, so says their rankings. Thus, Ever Fresh Diary extended its chain of supply from dairy products to be a Kingsmill bread supplier and a Hovis bread supplier.Wholesale Breads Suppliers London

When asked to a group of experimenters, it was found that Hovis bread had converted the wholemeal haters to a regular customer of the product. The taste of the loaf was delectable, and the texture was found to be non-crumbly which had been a case with the other brands. With over 130 years of baking experience, Hovis bakery has become one of the famous choices of bread across the United Kingdom, especially in London. The Hovis Wholesome Wholemeal makes for a perfect breakfast with several nutrients in its’ every slice. Having understood the value of brands like Kingsmill and Hovis in the life of people, Ever Fresh Diary decided to supply these brands to the people in London. Wholesale Breads Suppliers London

Without compromising the quality of products delivered, the team at Ever Fresh Diary cross-checks every product for its quality and delivers on its promise.

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