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Did someone say ‘cheese’?
Discovered about 4000 years ago by accident, cheese grew to be the most famous dairy product among the global population. In the UK, Cheddar being the most popular version of cheese accounts for an approximate of 55% of cheese consumption. Studies have shown that almost 98% of Brits purchase cheese. Bonkers, right? Just like bread is an interminable part of our appetite, cheese is not far from our heart too. You must have consumed cheese almost every day of your life. But did you know how it is produced?
The raw milk is made to sit for a minimum of 60 days before processing it further for making raw milk cheese. For preparing the other kinds of cheese, firstly, the milk is standardised i.e. the access fat in the milk is removed using the centrifugal method so that the protein and the fat ratio of the milk are apt for cheese production. Then, the standardised milk is processed with heat and later cooled to 90-degree Fahrenheit. Once the milk is cold, the good bacteria are added in it along with an enzyme that converts it into curd. The resultant curd is heated and dried to form the cheese we love.
One of the famous Italian dishes that has formed an inseparable part of our lives is Pizza. Turn on your TV and observe any advertisement for a pizza company. It is sure to contain more cheese than any other item over it. This is because the marketing media knows how important cheese and its attraction is to the audience. The cheese used in preparing pizza is different than the regular kind of cheese. In pizza, the thicker type of cheese is used to cover the topmost layer of the pizza base, so that the vegetables are held properly over the base.

The process of cream production is much easier than that of cheese. The high fat freshly milked milk from the cattle is inserted into equipment called the separator. The milk in this machine is churned at an amazingly high speed of a thousand rotations per minute. This process separates the cream from the milk and stores it in the middle part of the machine. Then using the separate vents, the cream and the skimmed milk are collected and stored for packaging.
Have you ever tasted fresh cream over a thick soup? The taste must’ve been impossible to forget as the addition of smooth and fresh cream enhances the flavor of any recipe and gives it a new touch. Widely famous for its usage in desserts, fresh cream is used to make thick creamy ice-creams and milkshakes. If you wish to delight your children by preparing some nutritional broccoli or tomato soup, add a layer of fresh cream to satisfy their taste buds and present your soup in a restaurant-like creamy way. We are sure that your family would love it.
You must’ve heard about UHT cream, but do you understand what exactly it is? To increase the shelf life of tetra packed creams, the cream is treated at Ultra High temperature (UHT) for just 2 seconds. After this, the treated milk is instantly cooled using the lowest temperature so that the nutrients in the milk are preserved and safe for long term use. The texture of the UHT cream is liquid due to its processing method. This cream can be used to produce whipped cream. If you plan on making whipped cream, refrigerate the UHT cream for a maximum of 24 hours and then whip it to obtain the best results.
Not only families, but fresh cream is required by hotels, caterers, and restaurants equally for their recipes. Italian cuisine is famously known across the world for its creamy texture and soft taste. Every Italian food item requires a huge amount of cream as its primary ingredient. Consider pasta, the love of every child’s life. The white sauce used in pasta is completely made of fresh cream. So, the next time you prepare pasta, ensure that the cream you’re using is fresh as the entire taste of your recipe depends on it.

Ever Fresh Dairy specializes in cream production. The high-quality whole milk produced by the cattle is stored for a certain amount of time until the cream rises on the surface of the container. The fresh cream supplier, Ever Fresh Dairy, also makes use of technology to increase the production rate of cream and cheese. Using a separator, the milk and cream are separated from each other and the cream is further processed naturally to remove the access milk. The milk separated by the separator is directly packed as the skimmed milk variant which is also called the low-fat milk. The dairy has partnered with certain top cheese and cream manufacturers across Britain who shares the vision of creating premium quality products.
Ever Fresh Dairy works as a Muratbey cheese supplier, UHT cream supplier, and Kerrymaid supplier to deliver the premium brands to your doorsteps. Apart from providing door-to-door delivery for households, the dairy supplies products to hotels, cafes, restaurants, and caterers. Renowned in the industry as the smoothest wholesale cream supplier, some of the food establishments in London believe in our brand to be the best pizza cheese supplier and wholesale Kerrymaid supplier. Kerrymaid is a brand reputed for being famous among professional chefs. The processed cheese manufactured by the brand serves perfectly to the requirements of a restaurant-made food. The delicious variants of creamy and grated white cheese, red cheese, and milt pizza grate cheese from Kerrymaid are now available for purchase.
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