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Lo and behold. In this section, you’ll be learning about eggs – the product containing the highest amount of purchasable protein.

Exercising is crucial for good health but balancing your internal body after a workout session is equally important. The wear and tear caused in the tissues of human muscle from exercising can be recovered by adequate consumption of protein. And what better source of protein than eggs? About 100 grams of boiled eggs contain 13 grams of protein. This is more than any other naturally obtained product. The famous choice of athletes and bodybuilders is omelet that combines the nutrients of vegetables and scrambled eggs for a better diet.

The decision of choosing between egg whites or yolk will never bother you once you read this section. Studies have shown that the egg white and yolk of an egg contain an equal amount of proteins. Yes, you’ve read it right! One egg roughly contains 3 grams of protein in the yolk and whites individually. Each part has individual benefits that make it the right choice for use.

The yolk contains a nutrient named choline which increases your body’s ability to ward off unnecessary fat. So, if your goal is to reduce some weight, make sure to include the yolk in your meal. A good source of biotin, egg yolks also empower your body with the strength to improve the quality of your nails. Biotin is a subcategory of Vitamin B that strengthens nails and provides them with the nutrients they need for healthy growth. Similarly, the yolk works like magic on the eyes. It contains antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein that contribute to the protection of eyes. People regularly consuming an approximate of 1.3 egg yolk, have fewer chances of elderly blindness or cataract. There had been certain information on egg yolks increasing the levels of cholesterol in the human body, but this data has been proven wrong by recent studies. In fact, the yolk can lower the cholesterol level in some cases.

Enough said about yolks, the egg whites are starting to feel ignored. As mentioned earlier, whites have the same amount of protein as the yolk. However, their calorie content differs by a huge margin. Egg yolks contain 60 calories which are 45 calories more than the egg whites. This means that you get to have the same amount of protein in lesser calories. Due to the presence of no fat and cholesterol in egg whites, they make for an excellent diet for people planning on losing weight. The whites are free from cholesterol content which helps them improve the blood pressure levels in a human body and improve the health of the heart. Egg whites are a good source of riboflavin that helps in improving the growth rate in the human body. Apart from that it also contains selenium that is known to reduce the risk of cancer and improve the health of the thyroid. Sodium has a reputation of being toxic, but as per medical guidelines, it is essential for a human body to consume less than 1500 mg of sodium everyday for its proper functioning. Egg white from one egg contains 54 mg of sodium which is enough for your body’s wellbeing.

At the tender growing age, it is essential for kids to consume eggs regularly as it improves their immune system. If ignored, they develop a risk of harmful diseases like Kashin-Beck and similar diseases that affect the conditions of joints, bones, and heart. The selenium in eggs boosts the immunity of the body consuming it and improves its strength of fighting diseases. This, especially, is important for kids as their immunity is in the building stages of life. By giving eggs to your child regularly, you will be creating a disease-resistant body for the apple of your eye.

The benefits of an egg for skin and hair are widely known. Apart from consuming it, you can also apply it to your hair to improve the quality of your strands. It contains vitamin B complex that improves the health of the liver, eyes, skin, and hair. This improves the muscle strength of your body while boosting the energy levels of the consumer’s body. Neurologically speaking, eggs contain proteins that improve the health of your neurons. The choline in eggs synthesizes a neurotransmitter that prevents your brain from having neurological diseases. It improves your cognitive functions, thus, improving the memory power of your brain.

It is the responsibility of farmers to ensure a healthy environment at the egg farms. Ever Fresh Diary ascertains a hygienic and environmentally safe environment in their farms. The hens are released and fed in an outdoor environment so that the eggs produced by them are nutrient-rich and hygienic for your family to consume. This gives Ever Fresh the name of a free-range egg supplier. The fresh eggs produced by the animal is directly stored and refrigerated in the cooler to maintain its qualities. Known famously as the white egg supplier, Ever Fresh Dairy also functions as a duck egg supplier. As the eggs produced by ducks are directly packed for consumption, they are labeled as organic eggs due to their nature. The ducks are left free to live as per their comfort and they are regularly fed with the maximum nutrients for the delivery of better-quality eggs.

The team at Ever Fresh Diary is experienced with the seasons in the industry which gives them the potential to design innovative cost-saving methods for delivering premium quality products. We work around the clock to ensure the best standards of their products in the changing market. Using the state of art technology with the roots of organic farming, we strive to deliver the best of two worlds to your house. The unmatchable quality and standards of their products have made us the best in the market. Get a taste of our eggs and you are sure to come back for more. The efficient delivery system will deliver the products you order in the least possible time. Get ready to enjoy it.

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