Yogurt wasn’t introduced in the West until 1542 when a French King was gifted a pack of yogurt by the Sultan of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. The finest of the French doctors failed to treat the diarrhea of their then king but a little packet of yogurt worked its charm. As France was an ally of the Turkish Ottoman Empire then, the Sultan thought of helping his friend in need. The miracles of yogurt are acknowledged by the Indian traditions where it is served as an offering to the Gods during rituals. For different cultures across the world, yogurt has been a symbol of prosperity and strength for ages.

The point of replacing breakfast with a recipe of yogurt is debatable. Many people believe that the protein in yogurt when coupled with a couple of fruits can nourish the human body with the required nutrients to kickstart their day. Technically speaking, a serving of 8 ounces of yogurt has an approximate of 10 grams of protein which is equivalent to the protein in 30 almonds. This makes for the 20% of protein intake recommended for the average British adult.

But first, do you know the difference between curd, probiotic yogurt, and yogurt?

Let’s talk about curd. The raw milk is first boiled collectively and set to cool. Once the milk reaches the normal room temperature, a spoon of fresh curd is mixed in the container with the milk. The good bacteria present in the curd, that aid your digestive process in the intestine, multiply over the hours at room temperature and convert the milk to curd. This curd is widely consumed by lactose-intolerant people who have a lesser degree of intolerance. Also, if your tongue is burning with the sensation of the spicy food you consumed, some teaspoons of curd will instantly sooth the surface of your tongue and cool it down.

Yogurt, on the other hand, has a different method of fermentation than the traditional curd. Instead of mixing a part of already prepared yogurt in the milk, strains of two kinds of good bacteria are inserted in the milk. The addition of bacteria in the preparation of yogurt is well watched and their proportion is balanced. This ensures that the uniform distribution of the right bacteria is present in the yogurt and a standard of consumption is set. The quality of yogurt is better and more homogenous than curd and it has a thicker and creamier consistency than its competitors. The bacteria required by the intestines reach their surface alive and work their magic to improve your digestive system’s health.

Probiotics is a frequently used term in the ingredient list of yogurts in the market. These good bacteria are naturally present in the digestive system of the human body. However, the right amount of intake of these probiotics is known to have improved the immune system and digestion in the body of consumers. The live strains of bacteria that increase the probiotic count in the digestive system, soothes the walls of your stomach and helps in digesting your meals faster. The probiotic yogurt is a subcategory of yogurt that contains probiotics.

If an elder in your circle is having osteoporosis – a bone disease – or is at the risk of the same, you should recommend them a cup of yogurt every day (it is recommended to check with their doctor before consumption). One small bowl of yogurt contains 300 gm of calcium which is more than many other alternatives. It also contains other elements like sodium, phosphorous, and potassium that Improves bone health in a body. In addition to the delicious taste and the variety of flavors, yogurt improves the bone density of the people consuming it. Some studies in progress have also revealed that consuming yogurt instead of an unhealthy snack will improve the digestive system in your body and tone down the excess fat.

Have you ever felt full for a substantial amount of time after consuming yogurt? It is said that the combination of protein and calcium in yogurt works inside the human body to produce certain hormones that reduce the appetite of the consumer. It was believed earlier that consumption of dairy products increased the body fat of consumers. However, this maxim was disproved by a group of studies that inferred that the consumption of dairy products could, in fact, reduce the causes of obesity in many people. Yogurt, especially the low-fat ones, are known to control the level of blood pressure due to the presence of potassium that combats the extra sodium present inside your body.

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